Chunzhu Coffee Company is located in Chiayi, and it is estimated that by the end of 2020, there will be only one. With the vision of “starting with coffee, making easy gathering and happy living a part of people’s daily life”, Chunzhu Coffee uses a new retail model that makes full use of mobile Internet and big data technology, and in-depth cooperation with quality suppliers in various fields, and is committed to providing customers with High-quality, cost-effective, and convenient, including Alishan coffee, grass, vanilla pods, cocoa powder and other agricultural, fishery and forestry products.

Business Model
Chunzhu Coffee strives to provide consumers with a new high-quality food consumption experience and enhance the culture of food and agriculture, as well as the development of agriculture and fishery, with optimized product raw materials, exquisite roasting technology, innovative business models, and leading mobile Internet technology.

Brand Vision
Chunzhu Coffee believes that the source of a new era always begins with change. We use industrial chain management to lead a new concept of food consumption, improve the quality of food consumption with high-standard raw materials and processes, and change consumer experience with a new retail model.